How Financial Advisors Can Use Creative Visualization to Move Their Book

It probably seems like a bit of a stretch for an executive recruiter of financial advisors to write a piece about meditation practices. But some years back, a friend gave me an intriguing book called Creative Visualization. It described visualization techniques that could be useful in enhancing one’s confidence and serenity in a variety of situations. I realized that advisors who were anxious about changing firms might find these skills to be beneficial and I soon began to incorporate them into my recruiting process.  At the risk of being viewed as kind of a flake, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned in my latest Investment News article.

Hopefully, your affirmations will be more on target than those of Stuart Smalley!

About Mark Elzweig

I am an executive search recruiter with an inside track on financial advisors, the asset management industry, and Wall Street. My work has appeared in numerous publications including On Wall Street,AdvisorOne, and Fund Fire. Journalists regularly seek me out, so you catch my bon mots in The Wall Street Journal, Research Magazine, Reuters, and more. You can follow me on Twitter @elzweig or you can reach me directly at 212-685-7070 or
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