How Top Wirehouse Branch Managers Land the Best Recruits


I’ve worked with a number of branch managers who were excellent recruiters. They were able to instill confidence in prospective advisers and get them excited about joining their firms.

So what makes these branch managers standout at their firms? They all had the same platform and recruiting deals to market to potential recruits. The difference, I believe, is that the best of these managers share certain qualities that help them to be skilled recruiters.

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About Mark Elzweig

I am an executive search recruiter with an inside track on financial advisors, the asset management industry, and Wall Street. My work has appeared in numerous publications including On Wall Street,AdvisorOne, and Fund Fire. Journalists regularly seek me out, so you catch my bon mots in The Wall Street Journal, Research Magazine, Reuters, and more. You can follow me on Twitter @elzweig or you can reach me directly at 212-685-7070 or
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